Saturday, May 23, 2009

So this is it...

Here I am, sitting at my computer on this very bright and sunny Washington morning with the decision to start a blog. Now what...

Encouraged by a few in my family to begin a blog, I've finally given in (this is huge for me) to the urge and this work of journaling (maybe) daily musings on my life as it currently sits--including family, art, textiles, photography, watercolors, my beliefs, nature, "going green", all things French, gardening, life's wonderings and the list goes on. You might then, expect something on any or all of these topics as I begin this new endeavor.

Wow, I am now a blogger! I love reading blogs and at some point will begin to list some of my favorites. Right now though, I am feeling a bit pumped up about just getting started. Questions come... what sort of goal should I set for myself, how often should I blog, how much should I share and more. I think maybe just what inspires me at an given moment. Today, because the sun is shining, I'll share a photo from my collection that speaks to the day... enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. I found your blog just surfing around in blogger ( I love blogs too) and I just though that you would like to know that someone read you and liked what you wrote...from the other side of the world (Spain) i send you a hug and please keep blogging !!!!
    (Sorry if my english is bad) :P