Monday, June 15, 2009

Worms and tea

Something fun... I just figured out that you could double-click on the photos for a larger view. So if you go back an entry or two, you can double-click on the mushroom picture and get a great zoom view of the tiny little slug.

I haven't blogged for awhile but will try to be more faithful. My daughter reminded me that I should also blog about a few of the other interesting things in my life, such as: tending my new worm composting unit. I agreed with her and realized that was a great place to start.

We purchased the composting components back in April/May at the Pacific Northwest Garden Show (sadly the last one in Seattle for a while). We brought it home and prepared it for receiving a cast of 1000's. Actually, one pound of worms is approx. 1000 red wigglers. It's an interesting process getting ready for the worms and learning how to feed them the right way. Their environment has to be balanced--not too wet and not too dry. It's got to have a nice earthy smell also. They can't have citrus, onions, meat or dairy. They love strawberries, banana peels and coffee grinds.

Now you might ask why one would want to compost with worms! Well... the worms create two unique by-products: worm castings and worm tea. As the worms process the veget and fruit trimmings (along with newspaper, dryer lint, etc) they leave behind castings which work to enhance your soil in a very organic way. The worm tea comes from liquid draining from the castings. It's used for watering my house plants currently and I will also begin using it on my potted plants outdoors. I already see a very healthy difference in my house plants; they love the worm tea and they love going green.

There you go! An insight into my worm composting endeavor. Just another aspect in my daily doings. There is something very fulfilling about managing these worms and reaping the compost and tea. AND... it's all about recycling isn't it. We should all be doing our part.