Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Raised beds, waiting and grandchildren

Hooray! We've finished our raised beds and have planted them with shelling peas, kale, squash (both zucchini, summer and crooked neck), celery, tomatoes, peppers, chard and pickling cukes. We added "timed" irrigation in hopes that the beds will be watered consistently. We have done all of this as an experiment this year, as we are not sure how "our garden will grow." Our property only gets so much sun each day... Here is a picture of the smaller bed we installed in the back. Two other beds, each 8x4 feet, were installed up in front.

And now the hard part--WAITING. Waiting is so hard! It truly is a discipline that can be difficult to develop. Waiting patiently slows life down to a slugs-pace and helps me to truly live each day 'in the moment.' [notice I said "helps."] Just short of measuring each new sprout and counting each new leaf, this "waiting" helps me to develope an unhurried stance and appreciate the leisurely advance of nature. This completely goes against my hurried, busy life and encourages presence. I guess this quote sums the work I must do:

"All good things come to those who wait." --Proverbs

In addition, I've tucked in a picture of my grandchildren taken at a family day at the beach near us. It was a fun day of picnicking, sand, sun and water. And so much fun watching them all in their different stages of development. Love them so...