Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rain, rain go away...

Just plain tired of the rain and cold! Well, I guess you've heard that before. Everyone (I imagine) feels that way at this time of the year. Up here in the Pacific Northwest, summer doesn't begin until July 5th so sometimes I wonder what the dismay is all about... The childhood rhyme "rain rain go away come again another day" should be revisioned for us Pacific Northwesters at this time of year to "rain rain go away, come again only at night and less frequent and please include some sun."

It takes true discipline to get myself out into the garden on wet, cold days. I tell myself that once I get going I will warm up and that seems to help. There is so much to do out there, it's hard to know where to start. So my mantra is just dig in.

I bought some vegetable starts today: shelling peas, flat kale and some French crisphead lettuce, thus creating more work for me. Also need to make a trip to the garden place to purchase some planting compost. The shelling peas will need some poles to climb as they can reach 8 feet tall. Peas will be fun--I've never planted them before. We plan on adding some raised vegetable beds this year. Saw a great how-to on the Sunset magazine site. Ours will be fashioned after theirs.

Finding sunny spots on our property can be hard at times because of all of the tall cedar and pine trees around. We figure that the center of the property is best as it has spots that receive about 7 hours--best we can do here.

Have you planted vegetables in your garden? You might think about it because it's a really healthy thing to do. Organic for the most part. Just dig in! You'll love the outcome.

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